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Yes, as long as you have a valid username and password you can submit Intel. Although all Intel has to be approved by the administrator before it is added to the system.

From the homepage, click "Submit Intel", then select what market area your Intel refers to and click the applicable tag. Fill in the form and click "Save". You may leave unrequired fields blank.

No, only appropriate market information will be added.

SubseaIntel allows for users to submit new Intel, if you have an edit or additional information to enhance existing Intel, please email

The Vessels Intel includes any Vessel which is capable of completing or is currently completing work in the subsea sector, in any region of the world.

Included in Decommissioning Intel is any offshore infrastructure with subsea features slated for removal, in any region of the world.

Included in the Contract Intel is any contract relating to Subsea work in any region of the world.

The Intel included in Projects section ranges from projects undergoing development planning through to projects coming to the end of production.

Discoveries are successful exploration wells whereby the operating company has yet to announce a plan to develop the field towards production.